About Us

Ethically Sources and Conflict Free

Founded in 2021, CX Jewellers is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium-quality high-end custom and personalized jewellery products. Made in the United Arab Emirates, CX has the pleasure of bringing a luxury destination that curates an experience of unique works of art inspired by the UAE's opulent architecture and glittering skylines. We describe ourselves as an experiential journey of discovery through jewellery, bringing distinctive and versatile designs that create an individualized and unique approach.


Our Mission is to offer products as an immersive experience created with unconstrained creativity that introduces innovations to the world of jewellery by rewriting the industry's rules and launching new trends that make our designs stand out as icons of contemporary fashion.


CX's vision is to create an opportunity for every customer's dream to become a reality with our personal and quality-oriented approach to escape the norm and occupy one's imagination. CX jewellers are happy to take you on a journey to get there.