Ethical Conflict Free Diamond

We started CX Jewellers in 2021 to raise the jewelry industry's standards and create beautiful and unique pieces. We go beyond any current industry practice for sourcing and prioritizing ourselves through transparency, ethical practices, and governance promoting rigorous protocols for guaranteeing an environmental and social responsibility. How it's made, how it's sold, how it's sourced and crafted, and how it gives back.


Selecting our natural diamonds are sourced from our mother company CX Trading Global, which encourages African countries to recognize and demonstrate their labor, trade, and environmental standards. Our company maintains to provide significant confidence in the integrity of their diamond's origins by diligently reporting and identifying the source of each diamond by providing proper importation and KPC certificates. KPC certificates are promoted by the Kimberley Process, which does not allow diamonds to enter the supply chain that is tarnished by forced labor, worker exploitation, and unsafe working conditions. Our company strives to lead the standard of sourcing and mining directly with our mother company CX Trading Global creating a framework of partnership and equality with mines across the African continent.