DXB ring

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Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty


CX Jewellers Inc. stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewellery. We are committed to ensuring that each product complies with our quality control; we offer a free lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect on all CX jewellery.
Each diamond is a natural diamond with its characteristics on the certificate at the time of purchase subject only to the following:
  1. "Warranty" means this document; "we," "us," and "our" refers to CX Jewellers Inc., a Corporation having its Canadian head office at 424 rue Saint-Francois-Xavier, Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 2S9 and its U.A.E. head office at Saif Suite- Gold Park Q1-1-04 Sharjah, Dubai Emirate; "Certificate" means the CX Jewellers Inc., a certificate from the G.I.A. and I.G.I. which accompanies the Warranty; "Diamond" means the diamond identified in the Certificate; "Jewellery" means the item of jewellery containing the Diamond; "you" and "your" refers to you, the first purchaser of the jewellery, and the first person to whom you give the jewellery during your lifetime.
  1. This Warranty remains in effect during your lifetime for so long as you own the jewellery.
  • We will respond to your claim as soon as possible, but no later than forty-five (45) days after we have received your claim.
If a customer experiences damage to their purchase due to manufacturing, we recommend you contact us so we may evaluate your purchase. We offer complimentary shipping for your purchase to be sent to CX Jewellers for evaluation for all warrantied repairs. Repairs not covered under the lifetime warranty will have a price quoted to the customer for approval before the work is performed.
Suppose the customer wishes to purchase another item with a higher value than the original one. The customer will pay the price difference if the customer wishes to acquire another item of lesser value; then, CX Jewellers will issue the difference on a credit that can later be used for other purchases. If a warranty issue is found, CX Jewellers will repair the warrantied damage or replace the item without a charge.
All jewellery can be affected by normal wear and tear. This is especially true for rings since hands are actively used and subject to daily pressure. Our manufacturing warranty excludes coverage for wear and tear, product loss, or theft. Coverage also excludes damage or loss caused by a failure to obtain the repairs required to preserve the jewelry's integrity. Repair or service performed by a jeweller other than CX Jewellers will void the Warranty.
Some examples of common jewellery issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include:
  • The discoloration of precious metals caused by chemicals, make-up, immersion in pools and hot tubs, or bathing.
  • Precious metals, especially prongs, wear down over time and may require restoration work as part of normal wear.
  • Prongs catching, wearing out, or bending over time due to everyday wear or normal damage.
This Warranty covers only the lack of conformity of the Diamond with each of the characteristics stated on the certificate at the time of purchase and does not cover damage to the diamond that occurs after the date of purchase.
CX Jewellers recommends that you maintain independent insurance coverage for your jewellery to help cover significant damage of loss, or theft.
In your capacity as a consumer, you may have legal rights under the applicable laws governing the sale of consumer goods; those legal rights are not affected by our CX Lifetime Guarantee.
If you require any more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 1-844-333-1753.